Appointment Form 面談予約フォーム
【For non-UTokyo affiliates】
The International Center Advising Room provides on-campus services to those who are affiliated to the University of Tokyo.  Please refrain from making an appointment with this form. UTOKYO AFFILIATES ONLY. Thank you for your consideration.

Please make an appointment by the form below. If you wish to have more privacy, please request a consultation in a separate room.  We will send you a reply once we receive your request. Appointments are not confirmed until you receive our reply.

*は必須項目です/Must be filled in.

*あなたは東京大学に所属する方ですか?Are you a UTokyo affiliate? 【学外の方へ】【For non-UTokyo affiliates】 この面談予約フォームは、東京大学学内者専用です。This form is FOR UTOKYO AFFILIATES ONLY.
学生、研究員、教職員のみ/Students, Researchers, Faculty/Staff members of UTokyo Only.

必須ではありません。Anonymous consultation is also possible.
漢字名がある場合は漢字でも記入してください。If your name can be written in Kanji/Chinese characters, please write in both English and Kanji.

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Note for users of Microsoft's free email service (,, etc.): If you could not find emails from us in "Inbox", please also check your "Junk Mail" folder. To prevent our emails from going to your junk mail folder, please add our domain name ( to your safe senders list.

*希望言語 Language you want to receive services in

相談言語について Language you prefer most
上記で複数の言語を選んだ場合は、どの言語が最も良いか選んで下さい。 If you select multiple languages in the question above, please pick one language you prefer most.

希望する日・Preferred date(s) *中文:星期一・三・四
複数の日を書いてください。特に希望する日がない場合は希望日なしを選択してください。Please type multiple dates. If you do not have specific date, check "No specific date".
・希望日なし No specific date
特に希望する日がない場合はチェックください。If you do not have specific date, please check.
*時間枠・Time Slot  *中文:星期一・三・四. Chinese only available on Mon, Wed, Thu

*相談したい内容  Things you want to consult

最も重要な相談内容について Most important consultation content
上記で複数の相談内容を選んだ場合は、どの相談内容が最も重要か選んでください。If you select multiple consultation contents in the question above, please pick one you think it is most important.

個室の希望・Request for Individual Room