12/5 Science Cafe in English 2020

Science Cafe in English 2020
"The Universe at the largest scales: The Cosmic Web"
Time: December 5, 2020 17: 30- 19: 00
Speaker: Robin Rinze Kooistra(Kavli IPMU Project Researcher)
Location: Tamarokuto Science Center
Audience: Junior and senior high school students and adults
Only participants will be able to enter the venue.
Difficulty level: Recommended for high school students and above
The lecture will be in English with no interpretation services available.
Fee: Free for a Junior and  high school student, 520JPY for an adult
Capacity: 60
Pre-registration: Required by November 24
If the number of registrants exceeds the number of seats, participants will be drawn from a lottery.
Those who are able to participate this event will receive an invitation letter by November 28.
Organizers: Kavli IPMU / Tamarokuto Science Center

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