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Privacy policy
1. We will strictly enforce the laws regarding personal information and all other regulations.
2. When personal information is collected, we shall obtain consent and inform customer prior to any use.
3. Personal information will be used accordingly to the complied guidelines of our customer. We will make corrective measures to strictly comply with the use of any personal information and use only for that intended purpose.
4. We will neither disclose nor provide personal information to third parties unless approved by the information provider.
5. We will strive to prevent loss or leakage of any personal information. In an unlikely event where issues arise regarding one's personal information, we will immediately inform the individual and take corrective measures.
6. We will comply with laws on personal information and other relevant regulations. We will also adjust and adapt to subsequent changes to these laws and regulations.
7. We will consistently strive to improve and strengthen our management system to cope with the business and social environment.
8. Please contact our customer service for inquiries and complaints regarding our policies on the handling and protection of personal information.
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