Nintendo eShop Download Software Survey

This survey is for customers who have purchased our games via Nintendo eShop.
We seek your kindest cooperation.

※This survey is limited to 1 entry per person, per game title.
※For technical assistance to specific games, kindly proceed here.
※For security purposes, the survey will close when it does not detect input from the user over a prolonged period of time.
※All information gathered shall be directed to Quality Assurance and Improvements of our products.
※No personal information shall be disclosed to any third party.

Select the game title:
Q1) When have you purchased this game?
Q2) Where have you heard about this game? Check all entries that apply.
Q3) If possible, kindly indicate the media source (actual name of magazine or website):
Q4) From Q2, which information source was the deciding factor for your purchase?
Q5) What was your reason for purchasing this game? Kindly check all entries that are applicable.
Q6) How long have you played this game before writing this survey?

Questions regarding playtime on the Nintendo switch.

How much time were spent playing in TV mode.
How much time were spent playing in Tabletop mode.
How much time were spent playing in Handheld mode.
Q7) Have you read the game manual?

Q8) Kindly rate your satisfaction with this game:

Game System
World View/Feel
Game Volume
Game Manual
Demo version
Q9) In overall view of the game, rate how satisfied are you, where 10 is the highest and 1 being the lowest.
Q10) Let us know why have you selected the above rating.
Q11) What do you feel that the game has done well/done bad, and/or any general feedback?
Q12) Would you buy a sequel of the game, if it were to be released?
Q13) If you have any thoughts and suggestions on the game's contents, do let us know here.

What is your gender?
Where do you live?
what is your age group?
How would you view yourself as a gamer?
How often, on average, do you play games?

In this one year, how many games have you bought for your own play?

Retail games (DVD, catridges, cards etc.)
Download softwares (Downloaded directly into the game console machine over the internet)
Is there any other Nintendo eShop-available games that you have played?
What is the game genre that gets your interest?
What kind of games do you look forward to? Game genres, game systems, world view etc.
Do you play demo versions of games?
Roughly how many games have you bought because you have tried the Demo version?
Choosing the gaming platform(s) that you have played games on before. Kindly check all that apply.
What do you place the weight on when deciding to buy a game?
If possible, kindly let us know the television program/magazine/website name:
If possible, kindly let us know which game title or series that you like.
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