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◆Online Registration for HVC KYOTO 2017 (1st Healthcare Venture Conference KYOTO)

※Please fill in the required information (Boxes with English explanation) to apply for HVC KYOTO 2017 (1st Healthcare Venture Conference KYOTO). You can also apply for other KRP-WEEK through this form.  Please click 「確認画面へ」 button when the information are filled out.
If you have any questions, please contact each event organizers.

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勤務先・学校名 ※送付先が勤務先(学校)の場合は必須です。
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*KRP-WEEKを知ったきっかけは何ですか?How did you find Life Science Venture Conference Pre-conference and KRP-WEEK?  Please check the box for the source of information.
お子様の参加されるイベントについては、こちら にお名前と学年をご記載下さい。*8/5(土)食育シンポジウム は、別途記載項目をご利用ください。

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