Grant Opportunities for Leading English Education Programs

The U.S. Consulate Fukuoka is accepting applications for small grants to individuals or organizations to lead an English education program with American cultural content at the Fukuoka American Center, American Shelf partner institutions and/or a public space in the Kyushu/Yamaguchi region.
The U.S. Consulate Fukuoka will award a grant of $500-$2,000 to fund a series of events to promote English language education, introduce American culture, and/or to encourage future travel to and study in the United States.  To promote English language, we ask that at least one native-level English speaker is involved in the proposed activities.  Proposed activities might follow the past English learning programs hosted by Fukuoka American Center (please see the Sample Session Descriptions for English Club) or propose an alternative model.  Sessions can be held monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly from November 15, 2019 for a maximum one-year period.  Sessions must be open to the public and cannot be commercial, trade or charitable activities.  If awarded, the Grantee will be responsible for coordinating the schedule with the Fukuoka American Center and/or American Shelf partner institutions.  The application should include the activity plan, audience recruitment plan, and budget any anticipated running costs such as honoraria, transportation fees for organizers and guest speakers and materials and copier fees for publicizing event.  Proposals will be evaluated on their potential to effectively promote English language, U.S. culture, and U.S. study abroad or travel and tourism.
Sponsor: U.S. Consulate Fukuoka
1: Online application form (below)
2: Application forms
- SF-424 (Application for Federal Assistance -- organizations) or SF-424-I (Application for Federal Assistance --individuals)
- SF424A (Budget Information for Non-Construction programs)

3: DUNS Number registration (Organizational Applicants ONLY)
Any entity that requests United States Government financing must register for a DUNS number, which is a unique nine-digit identification number. DUNS Number assignment is free for organizations required to register with the federal government for grants. Begin the process here: Steps for Foreign Organization to Obtain a DUNS Number
4: SAM registration (Organizational Applicants ONLY)
Any entity that requests United States Government financing must register in the System for Award Management (SAM).  Please see the instructions for registering here: Quick Start Guide for New Foreign Registrations
Deadline:        Online application form with activity plan and budget must be filled out, and Application Form SF-424 Series must be uploaded via online application or sent to by June 30, 2020.
Selection:       Grantee will be notified within three weeks after the receipt of the application. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed until completed, and applicants with incomplete applications will not be notified.
Grant period: Starting after November 15, 2019 for a maximum one-year period
Reports:         Grantee must submit an interim report and a final report.
Miscellaneous: Grantee is responsible for managing all logistics associated with their activities by coordinating with Fukuoka American Center.  For additional information or questions, please contact:  [subject line: English Education Program Grant Opportunities]

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Example: To reach students of an age eligible for study abroad, we will request head teacher permission to post an advertisement on the wall and send a letter home to parents.  We have budgeted for photocopy services in the grant application. We will also request the Board of Education approval to advertise the event. We have begun discussing, and the BOE and head teacher are favorably disposed if the grant is approved.
Note: Please include budget expenses for specific items.  Proposed amount may include funds for staff time spent organizing, planning, duplication, advertisement, honoraria, and transportation.
If you would like to submit it by attachment, please see below File Upload.
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Up to three files/documents can be uploaded per application. If you have a multiple files, please use the below File 2, and File 3 fields.  You can also e-mail your documents to with subject line "English Education Program Grant Opportunities."
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