ICU進学相談会受付シート / Visitor Sheet

This is an Application Form for ICU Graduate School Information Session. It is highly appreciated if you would fill out the form as much as possible and submit it in advance for our reference.

*は必須項目です / Required Fields
最終学歴の学校名を記載してください。ICU生もしくは卒業生の場合はIDおよび学部/修士をお知らせください。 / Please specify the name of your graduated university. In case of ICU student/graduate, please specify your ID and CLA/MA.
志望課程 / Desired Course
If you are applying to Master's Course
志望専修分野 / Desired Area of Concentration
心理・教育学専攻には教育学、心理学、言語教育の3専修があります。 / There are 3 areas of concentration in Education and Psychology Program: Education, Psychology and Language education.
公共政策・社会研究専攻には、政治・国際研究、社会文化分析、メディアと言語、公共経済学、平和研究の5専修があります。 / There are 5 areas of concentration in Public Policy & Social Research Program: Politics and International Studies, Social and Cultural Analysis, Media and Language, Public Economics and Peace Studies.  
比較文化専攻には、日本文化研究と超学域文化研究の2専修があります。 / There are 2 areas of concentration in Comparative Culture Program: Japanese Culture Studies and Transcultural Studies.
理学専攻には、数学・情報科学、物質科学、生命科学の3専修があります。 / There are 3 areas of concentration in Natural Sciences Program: Mathematics and Information Science, Material Science and Life Science.
当日教員との個別相談をご希望の方はできるだけご記入ください。また、ご質問等もございましたらご記入ください。/Those who wish to talk with faculty on that day should fill out this section. Also, if you have any inquiry, please write it down here.
*当日参加希望イベント / Desired event to attend
相談会当日に参加を希望するイベントを選んでください。(どちらも希望せず全体の説明会のみ参加でも結構です。) / Please select either or both events which you hope to attend on that day. (It would be possible to attend neither of those events but only an explanatory meeting for all.)
After you write the necessary information onto this form, please click on 「確認画面へ」 .