English Speaker's Meething:Connect in Japan

September 4th, 2021 (Sat) 6pm
- This meeting is for English speakers who lives in Japan
- Will take place every 2 months
- Get more informations and connections through this opportunity
Conditions of participation
- Who can protect people’s privacy
- HIV Positive

Are you HIV-possitive

Ground Rules for the Meeting

This program has some ground rules.
To participate you must agree to follow these ground rules.

1. Keep confidentiality.
Please keep the personal information of other participants private. Please be aware that even information such as nicknames and appearances must also be kept confidential as they may be used to identify individuals.

2. Please be mindful of the fact that participants will have diverse backgrounds.
Understand that there will be people who have different lifestyles, values, and issues than you.

3. Photography and video recording is strictly prohibited at the venue.

Do you agree to these ground rules?

We normally have all participants to confirm/consent the ground rule before a meeting,by the ZOOM participation, please agree to the following items and participate.

1. The participation in meeting is ONLY the registrant person. Please use registered name.

2. Please prepare the private environment to patriciate the meeting alone. (No partner or family member's presence)

3. Forwarding the meeting URL and information disclosure to others are strictly prohibited.

4. Screenshot and taking picture of screen are strictly prohibited.

5. As a general rule, we ask you to "show your face" in the meeting.

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