Geigi's Performaing Arts Inquiry Form

***This is an inquiry form. Your reservation will not be complete until we confirm the payment. The reservation must be cofirmed by 3 days before the event date, and the payment must be confirmed by 15:00 on friday (a day before the event).
DATE: Selected saturdays between May 11, 2019 and March 28, 2020.
TIME: 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM (Door opens at 12:45 PM)
VENUE: A teahouse in either Higashi, Nishi or Kazue-machi teahouse district.
CAPACITY: 15 to 30 participants (depending on the day)
PRICE: 5,000 per person (2,500 for students)
*Not for kids of 6 years and under
INCLUDED: Kanazawa Geigi's performance, Geigi's special game experience, Japanese tea and sweets.
***You MUST be able to understand and respect the unique aspect of the teahouse culture. Participants who disturb a Geigi or other participants may be asked to leave at any time of the event.***

*items must be filled.
<Before Making a Reservation for This Event> - Brief Background of This Event
The teahouses are where Geigi (= Geisha) ladies entertain their customers with their performances such as dancing, singing, and playing Japanese traditional instruments. Normally people must have an invitation from a trusted customer of the teahouse to be their customer.
This special event is held by the city of Kanazawa and Kanazawa City Tourism Association thanks to the cooperations from several teahouses in the city.
**Note: The landlady and Geigis speak only in Japanese.
*Rules and Requirements to Attend This Event
To attend this event, PLEASE read the following carefully and understand the unique aspect of the teahouse culture.
***Note that you MAY BE ASKED TO LEAVE if you disrespect its culture or disturb Geigis or other customers.
To enter the building
- You must wear socks to enter the building.
- In case of rain, bring a towel and extra socks to keep the teahouse building clean.
- People who consumed alcohol are not allowed to attend the event.
- Children under 5 years old are not accepted.
- No elevator in any of the teahouse buildings. You have to go up the steep stairs to enter the event room.
Inside of the event room
- No chairs available. You have to sit on a cushion on the Japanese tatami floor.
- No photographs or videos during the event.
*For some occasions, the teahouse might let you take photos. If so, it will be announced.
- Phones and any devices which make sound must be turned off or set in silent mode.
- Keep your valuables with you. We do not take any responsibility for any troubles such as a lost item.
- Please refrain from talking while the landlady speaks and Geigis perform.
- After booking this event, please pay the attendance fee within 3 days.
- If you booked this event 5 days or later before the day of the event, the payment must be made by 2 days (Thursday) before the event.
- If your payment is not complete by the due date, your reservation may be cancelled. Please kindly let us know in advance if you are not able to make the payment by the due date.
- You can pay by credit card (via PayPal).
- Not accepting cash.
- Please see below for our cancellation policy.
(Cancellation Policy)
   - After payment until 8 days prior to the day of the event: No cancellation charge
   - From 2 to 7 days prior to the day of the event: 30% of the fee
   - A day before the event: 50% of the fee
   - The day of the event: 100% of the fee
Note: You are responsible for any fees which may cost to make a payment or to get refunded.
Select an event day you wish to participate. Note that your reservation is not complete until we confirm your reservation.
If students are included.
Children under 6 years old can not participate
*Do you need an English translator?
***This is a complimentary option. (Other languages are not available.) Otherwise the event is all in Japanese only.
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