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Statement of Purpose
Please explain in 250 words or less why you wish to study Japanese, how this study relates to your future academic interests or career goals and why it is crucial at this point in your study to attend the ICU Summer Courses in Japanese.
Questionnaire Concerning Japanese Language
Language Classes
Please refer to our website for information about language classes.
*Have you ever studied Japanese?
Those who mark "No" here should use the website listed to learn Hiragana and Katakana as a prerequisite for the program.
*I wish to enroll in the class for Special Japanese (C-sp)
C-sp caters for students learning Japanese as a first language and/or heritage language.
Read and Write Japanese
*I can write[ all / some / none ] Hiragana.
*I can read [ all / some / none ] Hiragana.
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I can write about Kanji
I can read about Kanji
Educational background of Japanese as a foreign language If you have studied Japanese as a foreign language, please give details.(hours per week, name of institution, name of text books)
*Please list most recent history first.
Institution and country
e.g.:International Christian University, Japan
Textbooks&Chapters completed by the time you come to ICU
Institution and country
e.g.:International Christian University, Japan
Textbooks&Chapters completed by the time you come to ICU
Please write Japanese Language qualification (e.g. JLPT, AP test, GCSE, IB, BJT etc) you have obtained, or will obtain by the time you come to ICU.
(e.g.: JLPT, AP test, GCSE, IB, etc)
  Background related to Japan and Japanese language
place, period (length), purpose,etc
*Do / did you speak Japanese at home?
*Housing preferences
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